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Wiring for attached garage

i have had a garage built on to the side of my house with access from the inside of my house i am proposing to run a 6.0 mill from a spare way in my c. u . 40 amp mcb to a 2 way c. u. in the garage for lights and ring main 6 and 32 amp respectivley is this correct/

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That it fine, just as long as the circuits are to be rcd protected. Also your inn coming gas and water needed to be bonded with a 10mm earth if not already done.
Also if there only general sockets in garage for no heavy use I'd go for a 2.5 radial on a 16a type b.


Answered 12th Feb 2015

Only needs to be 32A MCB as the 40A MCB is a higher rating than the cable can carry.
If our only using the sockets for drills, lawn mowers, etc then a radial circuit 16A MCB will be fine, although if your putting a washing machine or tumble dryer in there, then install a 32A ring main.
This will all need to be signed off and notified to BC by a registered electrician according to the regs.


Answered 13th Feb 2015

Gan canny (go carefully).
If you aren't a competent person you'll have to notify LABC of your intention to install new circuits and have them inspect and test. Or, use a competent person to do the work on your behalf, inspect, test, certify. Or, engage a competent person to 'third party certificate' your work. Each option has further detail that you need to be aware of, but as I say, gan canny!


Answered 15th Feb 2015

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