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What is the best type of brick for a wall at the front of my house

This wall will run along the pavement at the front of my bungalow, finishing with wrought iron gates at my drive. Any suggestions for best finished bricks to use. Thank you

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My advice would be to use a brick to match the house. Also, as bjd has suggested, use two courses of engineering brick 150mm from the ground to stop rising damp. For a finish use something that keeps with the age of the house, if its modern you could use copings or something more traditional could be tile creasing with a brick on edge.

Its really all down to taste and budget but definitely best to blend in with the house. I always supply samples to my customers so they have an option to choose and always show them previous work so they can decide on an overall look for the wall.

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Answered 30th Aug 2011

Generaly, you would use a brick that matches the house. If the house is rendered it is then personnal choice for the style of brick. There are no bricks better than others. In my experience, clients tend to go for what their budget allows.


Answered 26th Aug 2011

The brick will entirely depend upon the type of finish you require. similarly the style of pointing. Brick types are very regional, heavy objects don't(didn't) tend to travel too far. One of your local builders merchants will have a Brick Library for you to choose, else your Builder can provide samples. Stock bricks (Red or Yellow), Weather pointed look nice with Wrought Iron.


Answered 26th Aug 2011

I would go for a brick to match your property, it will blend in better, probably use a couple of courses of engineering bricks in the bottom courses.


Answered 26th Aug 2011

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