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I've currently got an electric fireplace in the chimney breast, i want to put an open fire in there. what do i need to do to do this?

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Hi, obviously rip out the electric fire first, depends what you want, log burning stove or open fire both are lovley! Get a chimney sweep in to give it a clean out, even with an elec fire in there there could still be a build up of crap up there, ask him to do a smoke test also before he comes so to make sure he has what he needs, he should be checking the loft at point of smoke test to see if any smoke is present in any rooms or loft. If there is a problem with the smoke comming into rooms or loft he will reccomend a liner to be installed, basically its a metal tube that lines the chimney breast from halfway up the chimney breast to the chimney pot and flue, a little pricey they are but worth it, then you can choose your stove or fire place, fire baskets look nice too! The chimney sweep should be very knowledgeable and give you loads of advice and info, hope this helps Paul


Answered 1st Mar 2011

cut off the electricity and make sure the chimney is clear of obstructions like birds nests etc.
next step would be to have a smoke test and just make sure there is enough pull up the chimney and to check all rooms where the smoke will be traveling.
i hope this helps.


Answered 26th Mar 2011

Exactly as Muberry Cottage has said.
If Fitting a stove, it should be a Hetas installer, vents in room, plus carbon monoxide detector, law came out Dec 2010.
You can do it your self, but must notify Building Control, who will sign it of and issue certificate.


Answered 1st Mar 2011

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