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Replacing a damaged fence

I rent my property out and have tenants in there at present. I just wondered if I have to replace a damaged 6ft fence with the same fence or if I can put a smaller lower one in there?
Theres no reason to have a beast of a fence in there and i was hoping to just put in a 4/5ft post and rail or similar just to preserve the boundary.
The management company are saying legally i have to put a 6ft fence in.
Any ideas
Many thanks

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it's a big no,you can put up what you like height wise as long as it's not over 2m high as for the neighbours privacy they are quite in there rights to put up a 6ft fence in their side of the line


Answered 13th Feb 2015

hi there
you are legally obliged to fit a 6ft fence due to the privacy element neighbors rights etc. if you dont you could end up with a fight on your hands, falling out with neighbors and wasted cash when told to put a higher one up. you could also try asking the council or citizens advice but im positive theyl tell you the same thing
hope this helps

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Answered 11th Feb 2015

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