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Solid floor onto ply and insulation

I have dug Out the ground floor to be replaced with a timber floor and insulation, and with more head room. What do you think about doing away with tons of concrete/screed and using following construction; Undisturbed compact subsoil
Inch of sand dead level
3 or 4 inch pu insulation
18 mm shuttering ply
Tiling spline glued and screwed
Pine solid floorboards, no t and g, nailed with 60 mm floor brads

Basicly a 65mm thick solid floating floor.

1 Answer from a MyBuilder Flooring Fitter

Your only problem is that you have now done away with a solid base layer unless you lay hardcore or type 1 stone compacted the subfloor could always move or even worse let water by. you will also need to check where your old damp course is as the floor level may be lower than this now.


Answered 16th Apr 2016

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