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Bathroom zones and ip ratings


We live in an apartment that is owned outright, not rented. The management committee had decided to get every apartments electrics test for health and safety regulations. The commtiee (Gestapo) told us we had to let the electrician in - which we did. He has now told the committee we need to have the spot lights in the bathroom updated to IP44 at our own cost. Now... Our ceilings are 12ft high (365cm) and my understanding is that our lights are classed as outside zone anyway so doesn't matter. The committee don't seem to want to take this on board and are insisting we allow the electrician back in to recheck. As you can probably tell I don't see eye to eye with the conittee and the resident/furher who runs it and, I kid you not insists he's called Chairman. The apartments are over 20 years old, not a new build. Can anyone advise on even if they weren't 12ft ceilings, would we still have to allow them into our home as they say we have no choice, I thought they could only advise to bring it up to current regulations, not force us and for us to pay? Sorry for the moan and essay but I'm at my wits end.

Many thanks

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Hello , you are correct in your comment with reference zoning in this area if the fittings are above 2.5mtrs this will place them out of zone and there fore a standard non-ip rated fitting is more than except able,however I personal always install ip rated or enclosed fitting in these area as this will also ascertain good practice .Hope this confirms and reassures your mind


Answered 11th Feb 2015

\If your ceiling is 12ft high with in ceiling spot/down lights then they are outside of the bathroom safety zones 1,2,3. However if you have dwellings above the lights should be Fire rated down lights.


Answered 11th Feb 2015

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