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Is it possible to rewire a ground floor maisonette without putting enclosed tracks across the ceiling ?

I was told this was the only way to have a rewire but I think this will be very unsightly and am sure it is not correct.

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It is all about accessibility, If it is a purpose built maisonette it is possible that it is wired in conduit,so the old wires can pull the new ones through, unscrewing a ceiling rose will easily verify, if it is a conversion this is unlikely. Installing a false ceiling is preferable to damaging the fire break between properties( and will probably give a better finish than patch repair.)


Answered 26th Aug 2011

Its all about accessibility, you need to get into the ceiling void. If this is not possible from above, either due to solid floor construction or unwilling neighbours etc you may still be able to remove a section of ceiling in each room and gain access this way. Although it means that the access areas have to be made good after the work has taken place, you will get a much more satisfactory finish and no trunking accross the ceiling.


Answered 26th Aug 2011

If it is concrete ceilings then it is very hard to chase out but not impossible.

You could slightly lower the ceilings creating a void.

If your ceilings are plasterboard then a few holes could be made and the cables could be rodded through....... it is much easier for the electrician to run trunking which is most likely why he has tried selling this idea.

I hope this helps


Answered 26th Aug 2011

I think Bricky1 has it sorted for you. you cannot cut or chase the the ceiling if it is concrete as it would compromise the strength and cause a structural problem
have you actually had a couple of different sparks come round to estimate the works or has someone just said that there is no access usually sparks are very good at finding ways round this sort of challenge so try a couple out to see what other suggestions they can come up with make sure they are experienced qualified Registered Electricians who can notify the works for you


Answered 28th Aug 2011

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