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Rerouting bathroom extractor fan ducting in loft

My bathroom extractor fan (ceiling mounted) is connected to rigid ducting through the loft however the ducting has been installed to run towards the back of the loft (c.2m) along the back wall (c.6m) and along the side wall (c.2m again) into the area above the boiler cupboard and to the outside. I'm unsure why it would not have just been ducted out of the back/roof - is there any reason why it could not be rerouted? Due to the cold weather, the steam is condensing in the duct and leaking through a joint, creating a damp patch on the ceiling below so it would be good to shorten the ducting as much as possible. Also, slightly stupid question, I'm not sure whether this would be a job for an electrician or plumber or someone else. Any advice greatly appreciated.

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If you can duct out using a shorter route, then why not? Try insulating the ducting to stop the condensation. Maybe another way of cutting down the condensation would be to fit a high powered in-line fan in the loft halfway along the ducting and just have a grille on the bathroom ceiling


Answered 10th Feb 2015

I cant see a problem with shortening the ducting sometimes you still get condensation building up and it is necessary to create a ubend /trap in the flexy pipe. And it is a electrical job.


Answered 10th Feb 2015

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