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Replacing 13amp socket with 2 fcu's


I currently have a 13amp socket on a radial circuit that powers the ignition for the gas cooker and cooker hood (both appliances are plugged into the 13amp socket)

I'd like to neaten all of this up by fitting 2 FCU's (one for the cooker ignition and one for the cooker hood)

Can I connect the first FCU via the cables for the 13 amp socket and then spur one FCU to the other? (I'd also be adding an unswitched FCU near the top of the cooker hood to connect it straight up)

I've been told I can do this by two electricians, just need to work out what FCU's to buy and how to connect the two FCUs together when replacing the 13amp socket

Hope that all makes sense!

Kind regards,

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Hi Darren,

This should be OK as long as you protect your cables properly with the right sized fuses.
Check the cable size going into the mcb in the consumer unit. For a radial it would normally be 2.5mm or 4.0mm protected by a 20A or 32A mcb respectively and you should see the same cable size terminated in the socket. You need to use the same size to hook up the two FCU's. Remember that the purpose of the MCB is to stop the cable burning out in the event of a short circuit. If it is a 4mm radial for instance and you use 2.5mm T&E to hook up the last FCU, then in the event of a short this could catch fire without tripping the MCB!
The same is true of the FCU fuses. The supply cable for the two appliances may only be 0.75mm which is good for a mere 6 amps. You need to change the fuse for a 5A one to protect the cable properly. The specs for the appliances normally give the current demand and you can size the fuse accordingly.
The last thing is that the FCU's are partly there for isolation of the appliances for maintenance so why not make both switched? you may need to clean out the hood periodically which will be easier if it is switched.

Hope this is of some help to you.


Mordey Electrical Services


Answered 11th Feb 2015

In theory you can do this but you cannot run a spur off a spur unless the cable runs straight from the fuse board and is on a 16a mcb and then you can have has many as you like.
If at the moment it is taken off the ring then you may have to do things different to apply to the regs.


Answered 11th Feb 2015

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