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Boiler losing pressure

My boiler loses pressure overnight. We can re-pressurise but then it loses pressure again. Have checked for leaks under floors but no sign of anything.All radiators are working when system is on. What else could be the problem other than an unidentifiable leak? It is a 3.5 year Ariston condensing boiler

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Check the blow off pipe out side, if it is leaking you will need a gas engineer to take a look inside to see if the prv is letting by, or it could be the pressure vessel failed.


Answered 9th Feb 2015

Pressure release valve could be letting by, check to see if the vent pipe is leaking water


Answered 9th Feb 2015

I agree with the above sounds like the PRV is allowing pressure out , also check the pressure vessel as this may also have failed


Answered 10th Feb 2015

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