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How much space for consumer unit and supply kit?

At the moment we have a large box built around the consumer unit and associated cabling which I want shot of when our flat is rewired (at the moment there are barely enough sockets and no ceiling lights). The box is on the wall on the left as you enter the flat, I want to put it further up the same wall. The electricity meter has been upgraded and is now only the size of a cigarette packet but there is the CU but there is some sort of gubbings between the supply tail and the CU which possibly belong to the electricity suppliers. I'd like the thing set in to the wall if possible, or it not moved above the door or something. I realise I'll have to pay the electricity company as well as the electrician but my question is what it the smallest volume the equipment will need? If I'm going to fit it in to the wall what is the minimum depth - the wall in question is 190mm thick and is load bearing. For sizing the CU the flat is 2 bedroom with 2 reception rooms and is 111m2 and we want plenty of sockets.


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Standard 10 way twin RCD consumer units are typically 400mm W x 230mm H X 110mm Deep. Flush metalclad versions are available with a larger overlapping cover plate suitable for stud walls.It may be sited up to a maximum of 3 metres from the fused cutout unit and meter which are fed by your incoming mains cable which may enter underground or from a box outside or overhead and down into your property. It can be moved if you contact your local electricity great western power


Answered 9th Feb 2015

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