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Radiators are tepid, not getting hot.

I recently decorated my dinning room and took the radiator off to have this powder coated (hubbies idea!!) the radiators where never boiling hot before I took the rad off, but now it has gone back on, all the radiators only get warm. They were cool at the bottom and warm on the top only at first so my husband has balanced the system, so all the rads are the same temperature all over, but still only luke warm. The temp in my house is around 15 degrees at night, the hallway stat is on 24 degrees!! I have an ideal gravity fed boiler (not combi). This has been fitted for the last 10 or more years. The numbers on the Ideal boiler go from 1 to 6. I normally have this on 4 in the winter and 2.5 in the summer. It is currenlty on 5.5.. Even my radiator in the bathroom is tepid, this one is normally raging hot.. The pump by the water tank is on 3. One pipe in feels hotter that the other pipe. It feels as though this is running as there is a small amount of vibration.. although not alot of noise. Any ideas what it is please?

1 Answer from a MyBuilder Heating Engineer

I think its air lock in your system,usually its happens when u take the radiators off. Try to bleed the pump,that what can make the noise,because of the air.Unscrew the middle screw and put the cloth under and leave for 1 min to bleed


Answered 8th Feb 2015

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