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Oven tripping electrics

Hi, when my oven is switched on it trips the electrics after a short while. My grill still works and the oven works when used with fan. Can anyone help

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Sounds like the fan oven element is faulty, which is causing the RCD to trip. You may need to get a new element fitted to the oven to solve the fault. Its very very common on ovens.


Answered 6th Feb 2015

Not so fast Woodys HandyMan... The poster never stated that it was an RCD that was tripping... this could be several faults, in fact as he said it trips after a while I would suggest it wasn't an Earth fault on an element tripping an RCD but more likely an overload.... A small to moderate overload (up to twice the breaker rating) can take some time to trip the first protective device... If the tripping is occurring after a period of time (even hours if only a small overload) rather than immediately then you are most likely putting too much load on the circuit!

If it is an RCD tripping the there could be no actual fault, many appliances have current leakage to Earth, if there is enough (30mA) then this would trip the RCD, this would be a case of too much of the wrong stuff on the same circuit!


Answered 8th Feb 2015

I would advise having the appliance inspected either through existing warranty or third party whom specialises in appliances. definite fault within appliance.


Answered 12th Feb 2015

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