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Is it advisable to tile over tile paint?

I need to sort out my downstairs corner shower unit. the tiles unfortunately have tile paint on them which has now peeled in blotches and looks ghastly.

Is it possible to tile over tiles that have been painted with tile paint?
Or is it best that the tile paint is somehow removed? or the tiles removed altogether.

OR can i score the tiles thoroughly, and then PVA the surface and tile over the existing tiles?

Please advise! Thanks!

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if the paint is well bonded enamel paint it can be tiled over, however you should not tile over waterbased paint , the bond strength is not high enough to support the weight of the tiles. Waterbased paint should be removed prior to tiling. Existing tiles do not need to be primed before being tiled .If they are very glossy the surface should be scored. Use a flexible cement based adhesive and you can grout the following day


Answered 6th Sep 2011

NEVER use pva as a sealer/bonding agent when tiling.It has been completely outlawed by the TTA. Reason being that it is water soluble and becomes live again when wet,in other words, your tiles will fall off. You need to use a good quality acrylic primer instead. A BAL one for example.


Answered 9th Dec 2011

Remove existing tiles.

if the paint is peeling, and you then stick a tile on the paint, the tile will be stuck to the paint and not bonded to anything. So you'll be relying on the paint to keep the tiles up? the paint is already peeling off, so obviously its not a very good idea to tile over it.

1) Remove existing tiles.
2) Prepare walls (ask advice if needed)
3) apply new tiles.

MW Tiling.


Answered 26th Aug 2011

I you want the tiles to last remove the tiles and fit new ones. You can tile on tiles but I would definitely not tile on painted tiles. they won't last 6 months.
If you want tile over the original tiles all of the paint will need to be removed, Score the tiles with a rubbing stone so there is a key to bond the PVA, and then use a tile on tile adhesive. Allow 3 - 4 day to dry prior to grouting.


Answered 25th Aug 2011

pva and tile adhesive dont mix!


Answered 1st Sep 2011

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