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Eletric heating compared to gas central heating

Hi we have a duel burning stove that runs all the central heating and hot water but want to add a eletric heating system that will warm the house up in the morning before the fire is on and before i come home from work to try and get the house warmer , the wood burner runs 6 radiators but takes a while to warm up, how economical are the electric heating systems and about how much to buy one

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There is one type of electric heating that is truly economical. It is called Far Infrared Heating. It is ideal to be used in conjunction with a multi fuel stove since both tipe of heating systems are based on infrared radiation. Both, stoves and infrared panels, heat up objects rather than air. (the air is warmed as a secondary effect).
No moving parts and 5 - 10 year warranty with a expected lifetime of decades rather than years. Running costs are very similar to the most modern gas central heating systems. with the benefit of No leaks, no Service costs, no annual safety certifications.... further advantages: they can be mirrors, glas panels and even pictures.


Answered 17th Apr 2015

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