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Party wall notification

Hi, 7 years ago our neighbours built a ground floor extension and sent us a party wall notification along with plans showing integral guttering, but never had integral guttering put on( hung normal guttering on our side) and now we have received another party wall notification for them to build on the second floor but they are disputing that the boundary is further over than the wall they have built previously even though they have sent us a party wall notification. Does this notification not mean this wall is the boundary?
I only ask as we are going to build an extension also and have been told by planning that we both need to step back on the second floor but they don't want to so if they can move the boundary it would mean they wouldn't have to.

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Employ a party wall surveyor to inspect and act on your behalf. I wouldn't think twice about it and protect your boundaries.
If you are not happy with what they want to do then don't agree to their party wall notice but at that point you will be "in dispute"
In all cases of party wall issues the best thing in my opinion is communication between both parties and both parties happy to compromise to a suitable outcome but it can become messy if one party is to pushy and wont compromise.

No one can alter your boundary except for solicitors and then with registering it with the land registry. They would be stupid to build over your boundary, they will end up pulling back down in the long run if you quite literally stand your ground.

This area is pretty well regulated and documented and your local authority should have downloadable PDF's regarding boundaries and party walls so contact them and get a professional.

Remember though that if you dispute then they will also when you want to build. The best thing I would think is if you are in a position to then get your plans sorted and get the work done at the same time maybe even by the same builder who has some respect for the protocols of boundary regulations.


Answered 8th Feb 2015

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