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I am rewiring my bungalow, and at the moment i am not thinking about a loft conversion.

But is their any way I can run the cables so that if I do decide to get a conversion there would be little alteration to the cables needed?.

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seriously what is your knowledge of electrical science , do you know about cable sizing , correct cable selection , voltage drop , earthing systems , cable grouping , safe zones and distances ? DO YOU HAVE A COPY OF THE REGS ? 17th edition regs all you need to know will be in there , unless its a question about how to do it , in which case if you dont know , DONT DO IT . thanks for listening , keep true tradesmen working , get rid of the cowboys . CHEAP ISNT ALWAYS BETTER , you cant put a price on life !


Answered 25th Aug 2011

If you wire the loft properly you should not cross any joists anyway,
but as loft conversions usually have an area down each side that has to be left as loft, keep all your wiring to the outside walls and only go in-between the joists to run your cables across to the middle areas all cables in lofts should be run in strait lines only! no spiders webs are allowed,
are you part p registered or have you asked the local planning officer for permission to carry out the electrical work this is notifiable works and supposedly you can get up to a £5000 fine and the work may still have to be carried out by a registered electrician if you get it wrong


Answered 25th Aug 2011

run three cables from your consumer unit leave tidy outside your unit long enough to connect at later date 2 cables 2.5mm twin & earth for future ring circuit.1 cable 1.5 mm twin & earth for lighting make sure you leave spare ways at the unit one 32amp and one 6 amp if you want a radial circuit you will only need one 2.5mm t&e but you will have to use a twenty amp fuse leave other ends tidy in loft hope this helps john


Answered 25th Aug 2011

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