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Fuse board for electric car

I have bought an electric car. To recharge needs 32 amp. Is this safe for a domestic fuse board?

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Yes, the charge points are usually for 7.5kW for domestic use. If you bought the car new you usually get a free charging point (well its funded through a grant), however it does depend and what your current fuseboard setup is like - but the installers usually carry out a pre site visit first.

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Answered 1st Feb 2015

The 2nd ammendment to the 17th edition wiring regulations brought in new regulations specifically for electric car charging points. These new requirements are for the RCD in particular:

1; the charger must be independently RCD protected (cannot be shared RCD/RCCB),
2; the RCD must disconnect both the line AND the neutral (so a typical RCBO is no good),
3; the RCD must be at least type A (most domestic consumer units have type ac RCD's)

In short, you will not satisfy the requirements with your existing consumer unit.

32 amps is fine, but if your distributors cut out fuse is less than 100 amps then you should contact them to have it upgraded (it's usually free).


Answered 22nd Jan 2017

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