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New bathroom light fitted

i have just fitted a new spot light in the bathroom. but when i went to put the main power back on it kept tripping the mcd..and even though the cord switch was off before i started the light stayed on when i switch power back on from the main supply...any advise on what could be causing this..thanks

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Hi 26x4, The first thing you should know is that there is no Neutral (blue or previously black) at the switch, so probably you have connected the Switched Live (often Blue or black) to the Neutral which will cause a direct short circuit if you turn the light switch on! You should have 2 or 3 brown or red wires depending if you have a ring or spider main, these should all be connected together, you should have 2 or 3 Blue or black wires, but remember one of these is the switch LIVE you should connect The Neutral/s to the - on the spot and the Switch Live to the + on the spot, the Brown or Red wires Should not be connected to the spots, but in a separate terminal.
Safest to call a Sparky!


Answered 2nd Feb 2015

Classic DIY mistake, and really needs an electrician to visit to unpick the mistake and correct the wiring connections to as it should be. Fault could be either an L to N short, an N to E short or an L to E short. Either way the wiring connections have been messed up and it needs testing to identify the loop fed and the switchline.


Answered 4th Feb 2015

You have the switch wire in with the neutrals. I would contact an electrician unless you know which one of the black/blue wires is the switch wire. Usually the switch wire has brown sleeving on it. All the red/brown cables need to go in a separate connector, the switch wire goes in the L terminal and the black/blue remaining wires go in the N terminal.


Answered 4th Feb 2015

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