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Radiators hissing

A few of my rads are hissing, if I turn the trv up or down it goes?

Help they are getting on my nerves

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This is usually an indication that the TRV's have been mounted in reverse. Most modern TRV's are bi-directional, but a lot of the older types had to be mounted vertically. You'll notice an arrow on the side of the valve, if it points in either direction, then they're bi-directional. If it points in a one direction only, then this indicated the flow of water through the valve.

If they're old valves and have only recently started hissing, have you had a new boiler fitted? I've known the flow and return connection on the boiler to be reversed during a boiler change, which isn't usually a problem unless you have mono-directional valves.


Answered 1st Feb 2015

Good response Drainmedic, get a proper engineer to install not just installers or turn up the radio good luck


Answered 23rd Feb 2015

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