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What is the best floor tile to buy

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Depends really on your own taste but ceramic is normally the preferred choice. They're fairly cheep to buy and hard wearing but as with everything the key is the finish. You can go and buy really expensive fancy tiles but if they're are fitted poorly they look cheap but if you buy a fairly cheap ceramic and get them fitted professionally then they will look great :)


Answered 25th Aug 2011

The best floor tile very much depends on where it is going to be laid and your personal preference. Most tile shops will be able to advise you of the suitablilty and best options for your room. Personally, I prefer ceramic for general use, if cost is also a consideration. Many people like procelain or other natural stone products etc but expect the costs to be higher and a need to ensure they are properly sealed to prevent staining. A completely different alternative would be to consider either Amtico or Kardean flooring which is available in variety of different looks including the tiled floor or wood floor look. They vary in quality but are deemed to be suitable in most rooms. They are much more forgiving and warmer underfoot as a latex leveling base is usually applied before the tiles are laid.


Answered 25th Aug 2011

you should buy the tiles that you like!! But be aware that the glaze on very cheap floor tiles will wear out over time leaving them looking a bit shabby.
Stone looks great for years but needs to be sealed and looked after a bit more carefully. A good quality glazed porcelain is a good bet



Answered 6th Sep 2011

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