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House rewire no certificates

Builder arranged electrician he has done a full rewire but I've just found out he wasn't qualified any advice what to do with regards to council and certificates

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Hi Berni,

I would question your builder for letting an un qualified electrician to work on your property that makes me wonder what else he's let go, a case of what the eye don't see kind of thing.

I would tell him to get a qualified electrician back to your property to put the job right and that your not going to pay him until it is put right, I just hope you haven't paid him yet.

I would never use him again to work on your property sounds to me like he is cutting corners to keep he's cost down and if that's the kind of work he's doing well that don't say much.

Any electrician that re wires a property and touches a fuse board must supply a safety certificates.

Just like a plumber as soon as he touch a boiler must be GAS CERT.

Just hope the builder is registered with some sort of federation so you can report him by putting pressure on him to put things right for you.

Sounds like a case of cow boy builders to me good luck with this one.



Answered 30th Jan 2015

Even if an unqualified electrician had done the installation, the council can certify it as long as it has been done to current regulations. you will however have to pay the council.


Answered 30th Jan 2015

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