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Electrician messing me about

What are the regulations on metal light fittings?
My property is over 300 years old and needed an electical inspection recently, to satisfy the insurers. The electrician, who came to inspect the job is now saying that the 300 year old wiring is dangerous and the whole house needs re-wiring! he then went on to say it would cost £7000!!! is this an expensive price?
thats not all- after condemning my house, he then turned round and said he wanted £180 +VAT for the test, despite the fact he had failed to pass the electrics! surely any work required should be included in his original quote for the work!

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Hello, sadly the price for the test is about normal...pass or fail. If you are unhappy with your Electrician then feel free to get other quotes, but it doesn't sound too far away. From the sound of things you may still have some cloth covered wiring running in redundant gas pipes...which is dangerous and I urge you to get it dealt with as a matter of urgency to protect what must be a lovely property.
On the plus side, your wiring is not as old as the house, the first public supply of electricity was in Godalming, Surrey in 1881


Answered 29th Jan 2015

The cost of a full EICR will vary from region to region and will vary dependent on the size of your home. The cost applies pass or fail as its an inspection/report on the state of your wiring/installation, nothing more. This, perhaps, should have been explained.

Its difficult to offer critiscism as I haven't the benefit if seeing your electrics. I always start with an inspection of the mains board (fuses/circuit breakers) and the earthing to the property. If your electrics are as dangerous as suggested my alarm bells would have been ringing at an early stage and doubt that I would have proceeded much further with the inspection or done any testing at all. But thats just me.

The cost of a rewire, again, depends upon the size of the property and your needs.


Answered 2nd Feb 2015

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