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Fitting dimmer switch in bathroom

I have 3 X 12 volt spots in bathroom, plus extractor fan is also fired from a single switch. I have tried to replace the on/off with a dimmer.Feel I have wired the dimmer OK (copying wiring from on/off) but lights are not coming on. Before taking dimmer back as faulty can you tell me if there is an issue with trying to control 12V spots and fire the 240V extractor fan from a single dimmer switch? If so is there a normal method for solving this issue and making the 12V spots dimmable?


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Hi, the problem is not with the switch, as all this is done at 240V...the problem is definitely the transformer fitted in the ceiling above the light fitting, you need to replace it with a dimmable one...and possible the bulbs.(depending on there type).
The Fan should not be on the same dimmed switch...maybe install a humidistat switch to this...and the dimmer should not be IN the bathroom (so you can't touch it with wet hands)


Answered 29th Jan 2015

The problem most likely is the transformer. You need dimmable transformer for the lights. Fan should not be on the dimmer switch due to the way the dimmer works. While the regs do not say that the switch is not permitted in the bathroom (outside zone 2 - 0.6m from the edge of the bath or shower) it is not a good practice to put normal switch or dimmer inside the bathroom from safety aspect. Hope this helps!


Answered 14th Jan 2017

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