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Radiator replacement - heat output - baxi back boiler

I'm new to posting questions so go easy!

I've recently moved into an old cottage i'm renovating.

It has an old Baxi back boiler which works fine. I will be replacing it at some point, but as its working i've decided to do work in other area's first.

My main question is heat output. The rooms downstairs with double radiators seem to heat up fine. The bedrooms with single radiators do not. The systems been drained/flushed/balanced all the checks etc have been done.

If i decided to put double radiators upstairs will this improve the heat output and will the Baxi cope?

Also if i do this, when i do replace the Baxi i'm assuming the new(er) radiators will be ok to re-use?

Sorry if these are obvious questions.

Many thanks.

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Make things a little easier for yourself by inviting a gas safe engineer to attend your property then he can advise and answer all of your question/points.

Most will charge a nominal fee for their professional advice, but money well spent if you get the right engineer.

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Answered 29th Jan 2015

Hi Brian

Do you have any history for the property? I would recommend having the boiler inspected by a Gas Safe engineer. It is possible that throughout it's life an engineer has range rated it or reduced the boiler output. Try shutting all downstairs radiators to see if that encourages circulation upstairs. If that is the case I would be questioning the pump possibly not quite man enough for the job any more and look at having it replaced



Answered 29th Jan 2015

Firstly, do the upstairs rad get hot? If they do then its just a case of wrong size.
Existing and new boiler should cope with radiator demand.


Answered 29th Jan 2015

Before you run off and buy new radiators you need to check the BTU's of the upper rooms.

As for the boiler this depends on the output of the boiler plus its age otherwise it will be working overtime just to heat the rooms.

Fitting a new boiler later and using the old radiator system no problem with that might be a good idea to check the BTU's of every room plus hallways first before fitting new radiators.

If you need help message me and I will explain in more detail.

Hope this helps


Answered 29th Jan 2015

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