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Suitable size cable for 170 meter long temporary extension?

I need to fit temporary power to a fridge and freezer in a hut 170m from my mains? What size and type of cable can I get away with?

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If it is just to power up a refrigerator then 2.5mm 3core SWA will most certainly do the job. Allowing a voltage drop of 4.3%. Maximum allowed on lighting circuits is 3%, on anything else is 5%.


Answered 8th Feb 2016

you need to know the total load, the length, how it is run (clipped, buried, etc.), what type of cable. surrounded by insulation? grouped with other cables?
It= In/ Ca X Cg X Ci X CC

Volt drop cannot be more than 4/3%
Volt drop = mV X Ib X cable length/ 1000


Answered 28th Jan 2015

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