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At present I have potterton profile boiler 60e linked with megaflow tank and I am thinking of replacing it with a valliant 630 or 637 system boiler.At present my heating part of the system is not pressurised as it has a small tank for water depletion as a gravity fed. If I change the system with pressurised if I replace it with a new boiler then as my piping system is old and 15mm copper, is there a chance that due to pressurising the system it might starting leaking from the old piping system and hence keep it as a gravity fed. You valued opinion is appreciated

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Unfortunately when using old pipework there is no guarantee that it will be able to handle being sealed and pressurised. As a general rule 15mm copper pipe is pretty strong but it really is dependant on how good the installer was. Another factor is the quality of the system water that has been circulating with your current boiler, if it is good quality water with inhibitor then the pipes would likely be fairly well maintained however if the water has been allowed to contain contaminents or not treated then the pipework could be slightly degraded. I'm sorry if this doesn't give you a definitive answer but without inspecting the system it would be impossible to confirm its integrity.



Answered 27th Jan 2015

You can have modern, condensing boiler on open vented system, like Vaillant 428 or 438 if you worry about the pipework. Then you can choose external circulation pump adequately to your house size.


Answered 27th Jan 2015

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