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Pitched roof or flat roof

The client has got approved plans for a rear extension (6m by 3m) on a mid terraced property and in the drawings there is a pitched roof on the extension. The client also has a loft conversion. I have been asked whether having a pitched roof causes problems accessing the roof on the loft room, fascias, tv aerial etc. Not sure if there ladders or scaffolds that can be used to reach that high up. Also, if the client decides to go for a flat roof does he need to resubmit the plans to the local planning office?

Thanks for your responses.

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If the drawings show a pitched roof yes he will have to notify both the paining office and building control office as part of the conditions will say to be built as plans no changes.
Plus they will also need to know what type of flat roof he attends to have
Cold Deck or Warm Deck flat roof because of the roof ventilation.

As for pitch roof and ladders no problem getting access for work outside the loft.

Hope this helps
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Answered 27th Jan 2015

Hi. Yes you will have to reapply for Planning but if you speak to the Planning Officer you may be able to do that just as an Amendment and not as a full planning application. That would save you time & money depends on area & Planning Officer but worth the try. Building control will also need to know the Buildup of the Flat Roof but that can be done as your Building. There's no problem with other work but would suggest, if possible to replace Fascia with Upvc while you can get to Existing Roof before you start Roof on Extension. Less likely to need work done in future.

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Answered 30th May 2017

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