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Hi my boiler recently went off, when it was put back on again everything was fine, but a little later I seem to have hardly any water coming from taps the pressure on my boiler is fine can you help please? I have a main central 24 HE thanks

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The pressure is not related to the flow out of the taps in the slightest, the pressure is for the sealed central heating system.

Chances are your plumber has not fully turned on your stop cock


Answered 26th Jan 2015


Without inspecting the installation it can be tricky to make an accurate diagnosis. It could possibly be an issue with the main cold inlet to the boiler being isolated slightly or switched off by mistake, or less likely a complete blockage in the plate heat exchanger which I have personally never come across however I have heard of issues in hard water area. Do the cold taps work ok and are you able to top your system pressure up still?



Answered 26th Jan 2015

Sounds like inlet filter is clogged up with dirt from pipework.


Answered 26th Jan 2015

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