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How to fit pull switch (i have 2 red and 2 black wires from ceiling)

Can anyone help please, I have removed old fixture and have four wires in total. 2 red and 2 black.
My new fixture has scope for 4 connections. They are L1. L2. C and the 4th has a symbol showing three horizontal lines of differing lengths with one line at right angles to longest horizontal line ( I think that one is for the earth wire but I don't have an earth wire).

Can you tell me where I need to connect the 2 black and the 2 red cables please?

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Chances are the two blacks bypass the switch and should be in a choc blok the two reds would then go into l1 and c


Answered 26th Jan 2015

My advice is if you don't know what your doing don't touch it, leave it to the professionals.


Answered 27th Jan 2015

You have bought a single pole 2 way ceiling switch and need a double pole switch. On a double pole switch red goes in the L terminals either side and black goes in the N terminals either side. (one set of red and black on L & N either side of the switch that has four terminals). On the switch you have the terminal with three stripes is the earth terminal and is for the green and yellow earth cable. If you have no earth present at the switch, then its likely to be old wiring (pre-1967, and may well be at the end of its working life and need completely rewiring). - Avoid DIY and get a professional in, as it will be safer.


Answered 28th Jan 2015

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