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New ceiling light

Evening all, I hope someone can help me. I bought a 6 plate spotlight (dimmable) to replace an old looking glass fitting in a bedroom. Switched off the leccy and took down the old fitting. It had 2 wires from the red , one exposed and wrapped around a screw in the plate closest to the ceiling and then the other wire from the red on into a connection plus the black one to another. The new fitting has a Live, Earth and Neutral. How do I do this? Should there be an earth..? Although I will probably get an electrician in to do this now I wondered if anyone cold shed some light on it (no pun intended) Thanks

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Sounds like very old wiring pre-1967 and therefore no earth. It would not be safe to connect a metal Class 1 light to wiring that has no earth, due to the risk of the metal work becoming live. Probably best to get a full electrical installation condition report carried out as it sounds like it may need a lighting rewire.


Answered 28th Jan 2015

An EICR wold be the way to go. A class 1 (metal) light fitting cannot be fitted where there is no earth conductor


Answered 4th Feb 2016

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