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Any tips on hanging repeate pattern wallpaper

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work with two rolls at a time, you will loose less, and always work away from a window as it wont show the lines up as much.


Answered 28th Feb 2011

pay a professoinal .


Answered 14th Mar 2011

Work from two roll and
always start from a window and make sure you plumb the first piece... my advice to you is plumb each wall as they are very rarely true.. it is best to trim into corners
wash joints with a damp sponge to remove access paste
good luck


Answered 17th Mar 2011

It depends on the pattern repeat AND the height of the walls. A few tips 1. make sure your focal point in your room has the pattern correctly aligned up, spend some time measuring and working the best place to start. 2. if you are papering all the way around the room decide on a finishing point, either an internal corner that cannot be seen or the internal corner above the door. 3. plumb ! make sure you mark a plumb line, so your paper is verticaly straight especially once you have gone round a corner, you may loose some of the pattern in the corner but make sure the paper is plumb. Good luck Kevin G


Answered 1st Mar 2011

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