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Oven tripping fuse box

Hello i have an old school oven, ystdy when tryin to bake bread i had to create some moisture for yeast to react, so i put boiling water in a baking try without the oven on to create humidity, since i did this my oven wont work n it trips the fuse box everytime, everything else works apart frm oven, what have i done wrong pl
s, thank u

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Nothing, very common on cookers and ovens. The oven element is faulty (would have failed very soon anyway) but now that some moisture has got inside it via tiny microscopic holes, its gone completely faulty. Needs a new oven element to be fitted.


Answered 23rd Jan 2015

The consumer unit 'trips' because it has detected either excess current being drawn on a particular circuit or there is a low resistance (aka short circuit) from 'Live' to 'Earth'.
Moisture in electric circuits will cause either of the above faults.
Electric ovens - especially older models, unless specifically designed to, don't tolerate high humidity too well when cold. Sounds like the elements have got damp in the connections.

Switch off the oven and thoroughly dry the inside leaving the door ajar for several hours.

I strongly recommend getting an electrician as he/she will be able to determine whether the oven is safe to switch back on again.

Hope this helps.

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Answered 23rd Jan 2015

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