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Knocking a wall down

I have a small kitchen and a small conservatory, I would like to know whether it is feasible to remove the wall (which once was an outside wall) to make a kitchen diner I have been told you cannot knock down a supporting wall but how do you tell whether it is?

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Hi, Firstly you can remove the wall, event if it is a supporting wall(which it is) but you will have to form a lintel(usually steel) to support the structure above. Your first step should be to engage a Structural Engineer, who will calculate what is required to hold up the rear of your building. Building control will have to oversee the works, but your first step is to get Drawings and Calculations from an Engineer.
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Answered 22nd Jan 2015


The wall can be removed and a support ( Lintol )installed
However the regulations in Scotland require a thermal break between the house and the conservatory ie glazed doors Not sure about England or Wales though



Answered 5th Feb 2015

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