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A year ago we had our central heating replaced in its entirety. The work took a little over a week, all radiators were replaced, a new boiler and pipework. Approximately a month after the work we noticed water coming through the ceiling in the living room. we called the central heating engineers out who found the source of the problem and explained that it was because we had old pipes. Before the replacement, we had lead pipes.

Approximately a year later, another leak was discovered, not far from the first one. The original engineers were not available at short notice and we sourced another. He explained the leak was coming from a join that had been made on a bend of a pipe and repaired the problem.

A week later, we noticed water running down the walls in the living room. We called the second engineer out again who found the source of the problem was again on a lead pipe. The engineer explained that when the central heating was replaced, the original engineer should have replaced all lead pipes for plastic or copper ones, and that illegal joints had been made from copper pipes to lead pipes. After some investigation the second engineer realised that he knew the first engineer and gave him a call to see what he had to say about the shoddy work that had been carried out that included evident short cuts. The first engineer simply said "The work has been done now, it's not my problem".

The second engineer has also discovered areas where other mistakes have been made, work that should have been done that hasn't and equipment that should have been installed that also hasn't. All in all, this is an appalling job that has was charged at £3000 with an additional £200 that has been spent on repairs since. Baring in mind, this work has been done on my elderly grandparents house, it just simply not acceptable.

So my question is, what do I. Who do I go to, who do I speak to because I am at a loss. I would like to resolve this issue without dragging my grandparents through court procedures but the work needs to be rectified and preferably without any additional cost to my grandparents. Please help.

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Lead pipes would have been on your hot and cold water systems and therefore probably not replaced if you had new central heating. If your quote said that it was to replace all pipework then that's a different matter.

Your first point of call could be either trading standards or Gas Safe. The Gas safe route may be quicker as they have the power alone to remove an installer from the register. Another thought is to find who his public liability insurer is, I think this can be found through gas safe but I'm unsure,and contact them regarding leaks and water damage.

Other than that just make sure you recommend to everyone you know not to use him.

Hope this is of some help



Answered 21st Jan 2015

You could try contacting gas safe to see if they can help. If you have problems with with leaks there may be other problems that you do not realise. Ask gas safe to come and inspect the works, explain the problem you have. They may be able to help.
Good luck


Answered 21st Jan 2015

Get a Gas Safe engineer to do an inspection, they will point out any problems to you and hopefully the engineer is registered and will be made to put the work right, if hes not registered he should be in the courts tto be prosecuted as its a criminal offence, they will hep you all the way and its an easy process. Sorry this happened to you, there are more good engineers than bad ones.


Answered 23rd Feb 2015

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