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Heating turns off when house is still cold

I have a wall mounted room thermostat and 2 raidators without thermostatic valves in my lounge but I have an issue where the heating will turn itself off while the room is still cold, this seems to happen more when "On" or "by-pass is selected rather than "Timed" although it sometimes turns off in the evening when still cold. I assume this is down to the length of time the bolier (Potterton Suprema) is on and heating the house? I changed the programmer out last year as some of the functions had stopped working and am satisfied that it is functioning correctly. The heating does initially come on in the morning and evening when timed every time but sometimes switches off again and I cannot get it to come back on! Could it be the room thermostat is not functioning correctly. Thoughts please?
Thanks all, it was the 3 port valve motor not functioning correctly, had it changed and all is warm and cosy :-)

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Room thermostats are not reliable especially if there a bit old.

Test one turn the stat down to minimum, the heating should not come on.
Turn stat to max, It should come on.
If this works inn reverse then the stat is wired incorrectly, Turn the wires around.

Otherwise replace the stat with a more expensive one, Cheap ones are rubbish.



Answered 21st Jan 2015

Potterton suprima suffer with PCB problems, this may be the cause of your problem.
The boiler should stay on till the thermostat tells it that is satisfied. The other problem may be the boiler is overheating and shutting down. This could be due to pump problems or the heating system may have sludge build up.
Hope this help.


Answered 21st Jan 2015

Flow issue (blockage) causing overheat or nth thermister(c/heating)


Answered 25th Jan 2015

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