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Hi I've recently viewed a house powered by a back boiler which has gas fire in front of it n goes up chimney. Can I ask will heating cost more? N do i have t av fire on t power it?

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Yes about 25% more than a Class A Boiler


Answered 21st Jan 2015

The good old back boiler...

Yes it will cost more to run as its not a condensing boiler, but no more than any other old style floor mounted boiler.

The gas fire does not need to be used.

They are replaceable nowadays with a condensing version but are not cheap. The best option if you were planning to stay in the new place for a number of years wound be to replace it with a combination boiler someplace, maybe where the cylinder is, the cost for a new boiler should be recouped reasonably quickly by saving about 25% on your gas bill.



Answered 21st Jan 2015

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