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Spot lights not working

recently the two end spotlights are not working even though there is power to them we have changed the holders but still no joy can anybody help.

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Hi Charlie_903,

There could be a number of reasons why.

How are you testing for voltage at the broken fittings?

If low voltage it could be that the transformer isn't working correctly and you're not getting enough power to strike the lamp, the transformer isn't working at all or it could also be that there is a fault with the neutral prior to the transformer.

If mains voltage, again it could be a fault with the neutral. You will still get a reading of power if testing via live & earth in the fitting but with no neutral it has no return and the lamp will fail to strike.

In both cases it could also be that the cable between the working light and the non working light has developed a fault through a loose connection or a break.

I would recommend getting someone who is competent in domestic electrics to fix this for you as there may be other unseen faults which only an electrician will be able to pick up.

Hope that helps,

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Answered 19th Jan 2015

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