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Neutral to live short circuit

Recently I have asked an electrical to install few spot lights to my kitchen. He looped these new lights to my existing down stair lights. Upon final testing he said that there is a short circuit between netrap to live . My main question is whether he should have picked this up before start the work as now he says more work do be done to find where this occur. He says it nothing to do with his work. Also I haven't got a cirtificate yet and he has given the access to all light as well.

This leads to the second question. Is it unsafe situation I got now?

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If there was a live to neutral short circuit then the circuit protective device (fuse or MCB) would have operated. Are you sure he did not say Live to Earth or Neutral to Earth?


Answered 22nd Jan 2015

sounds like he is not an electrician.


Answered 19th Jan 2015

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