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Rewiring my flat

I need to get my flat rewired as some of the sockets are not working. The wiring is very old and is in the wall but I want to have it changed to conduit outside the wall and get a new fuse box. I have just found out that my meter is 29 years old so the electric supplier is changing that. A friend has said I do not need to get it certificated because I am not renting it out, although I may have to sell in two years time. He also said that because the lights are not on the ring main I do not have to have these done when the flat is rewired. I do not understand or know what to do. I have looked this up but I need it explained in 'girl layman's terms'. Someone please help me!

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Good morning,

regarding to your question if the wiring in the flats is old and you wanted to rewire, my advice should be to do it all. unfortunately your friend is wrong about lighting, this need to be doing aswel. after when the rewire is done, you will be needing a new installation certificate because this way it ensure that the work is done accourdingly the rules and specification. if you want to sell your flat after two years you still be needing a certificate but then it will be a periodic inspection report.

if you need more helo you can contact me via mybuilder.

I hope this will help.



Answered 20th Jan 2015

my advice is to rewire the whole house then get it tested by a registered prt p electrician.


Answered 30th Jan 2015

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