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I am living in a new-build however there are frequent problems with power, lights flickering, fusebox needing to be reset, etc. I think there is a problem with the internal wiring.

Also I would like you to change 2 light fixings please as I am unable to do this.

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The "trip" on the fusebox needing to be reset frequently may or may not be linked to poor quality wiring, but it could be! Its most likely however to be what is termed nuisance tripping? - This is a common problem and is normally associated with older doemestic appliances like irons, kettles, fridges, dishwashers and sometimes the gas central heating boiler. Its worth trying to keep a record of whats in use when the RCD trips and if any appliances need to be unplugged before it can be reset again? There should be a card near the fuseboard that explains what to do if an RCD trips, if not google search nuisance tripping for more info.

As has already been suggested you should look in you house info pack for the installation certificate. If its missing then you should request a copy from the builder, preferably the original!

The flickering lights could indicate a loose connection somewhere and should be investigated further. As you are covered by NHBC gaurantee, I'd sugget contacting the builder in the first instance and ask that they send someone to test and check the affected circuits and repair any defects.


Answered 25th Jun 2013

As this is a new build you should have a guarantee with the works you need to contact the builder and explain your concerns he should then send back his electrical contractor to test for any problems the original paperwork should have details of the system an electrical installation certificate should have been issued with all the test information on each circuit these tests can be caried out again to see if anything has changed and help locate any faults.
the certificate should show who the electrician is registered with such as the NICEIC if you have a problem with sorting it out contact them,
re the lights post them as a job on mybuilder


Answered 23rd Aug 2011

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