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Hi guys/girls\, i have an old gas fire in my house which never gets used and wondered how you can tell if you can just cap it off or if its intwined with the heating system? a

behind the fire place i can see the pilight light and what rules / regs is there for boxing this in/ put plasterboard over to make flush wall?
many thanks

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You have a back boiler, which has a gas fire in front of it DO NOT box this in. The boiler requires adequate ventilation for the correct combustion process to take place. Reducing the air intake to the boiler may cause carbon monoxide to start exhausting into the room. Get a gas safe registered plumber to advise you on your options. Dave

Answered 23rd Aug 2011

David Winn

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If you see that there is a pilot light behind the fire place in chimney breast that indicates there is a back boiler, you can JUST switch of fire place, but cant remove and block up opening, as you need ventilation for back boiler

Hope you find this helpfull


Answered 22nd Aug 2011

abbeytec services

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hi no you cannot cap it off,it appears that you have a back boiler which controls both your heating and hot can have the boiler removed and put a combi in somewhere else in the house.then the fireplace is yours to do as you please.

Answered 22nd Aug 2011

mark lenton

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You must never put plaster board over the hole to make it flush!!.by the sounds of it you have a back boiler and whats called a open flue'd appliance which means that the boiler get,s it's oxygen from the surrounding air, if you board over the hole the boiler will burn insufficiently and produce CARBON MONOXIDE! You can cap off the gas fire but you cannot remove it to board over..
Any further questions please feel free to ask.. Lee of Collins heating.

Answered 22nd Aug 2011

Collins Heating Limited

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You need to get it checked by a gas safe registered engineer to see if the pipe is for the piolt you can see behind the fire place were is it from you certainly cant board over until checked and sorted.

Answered 23rd Aug 2011


Member since 1 Jun 2008

It sounds like you have a fire and back boiler unit, this means that your heating and hot water come from this source. The fire is linked to back boiler as they share the same flue, if you wish to remove it you will need to replace the central heating in your house

Answered 23rd Aug 2011

A Touch of Gas

Member since 10 Aug 2011

Get a Gas Safe registered engineer to remove the fire and cap of.
He will do it properly and saftley.

Answered 22nd Aug 2011


Member since 29 Oct 2008

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