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Good afternoon I have been told that I need to put a radiator sealant into my radiator to stop the central heating losing pressure who can do this and how much will it cost the area is west bromwich

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Hi normally pressure through to the radiators are control by combi which the leads to the radiator if pressure is lost could mean theres a loose bleed nut and pressure not building up or theres a loose connection that feed to bottom of you radiators look for any leakage could result in tightening up a nut do understand where sealer mean to be pour in at


Answered 15th Jan 2015

Go buy it from the plumbers merchant, you just tip it in the small header tank


Answered 15th Jan 2015

It will not fix the leak, I saw this on my jobs but didn't reply as it wont work.


Answered 16th Jan 2015

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