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Over garage extension

When we bought our house 5 years ago we had the garage converted into what is now our lounge. We are now in need of an extra bedroom possibly with en-suite so are thinking of building above.

Can anyone suggest a rough cost on this? From what I have read I'm pretty sure the footings are ok and the construction is double skin insulated walls. there is already a pitched tiled roof so maybe this can be re-used some how? The room is approx 5m x 5m, I am in the north west.

Thanks for any help.


For some reason I can't find a way of replying but in response to the answer below I am pretty sure that when we moved in among all the paperwork I do remember reading something about the footings being put in place with the potential of building above when the garage was originally built.... I take it on board though I could be wrong.

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I can not help with cost as the price up North are very different to the south east where we are but I will say it is very unlikely that your footings will be deep enough for a second storey potentially meaning you will need underpinning adding a massive cost


Answered 15th Jan 2015

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