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how can i check that the electrician i employ is qualified to issue part p certificate. What information do i need from the electrician.

once the work has been completed by the electrician, does he give me a certificate and who informs building control that the work has been completed to standard.



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There is a site you can visit you should be able to find out if your electrician is registered on here.

We are registered with the NICEIC and our proccess is as follows we give a free quote , carry out the work testing the work before and after making it live recording all works on an Installation Certificate this is sent along with our invoice.(not after payment but before) we fill out an NICEIC form online they then notify building control electronicaly and also send out a compliance certificate to the address where the work was carried out and to a Landlord or manegment agency if required these certificates should be retained by you as proof of notification when selling a property etc


Answered 23rd Aug 2011


Ask the electrician if they are registered with one of the governing bodies such as NAPIT, NICEIC or ELECSA and if they are, they should have a registration number that proves that they are registered. The electrician should give you a completed copy of the required paperwork when the work has been completed (on the same day if it is a small job) and should also inform the Building Control Officer.


Answered 22nd Aug 2011

You need to know who they are registered with (ie nic napit) If you go on the web site he says he is registered with (ie nic napit) they should be able to confirm all info. The electrician will inform buiding control through the company his is registered with (ie nic napit) and building control will forward all relevant information to you


Answered 22nd Aug 2011

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