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Cooker circuit breaker amperage?

should the circuit breaker for a 9.5 to 10.3 kw cooker be 32 or 40 amp

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Hold on here what about some diversity?

44.78 amps
Diversity on a cooker is 10 amps plus 30% of final load
= 20.43 amps

This oven is ok on 32 amp 6 mm cable . This is ok for upto 15kw total load on a cooker. Its all in the onsite guide :)


Answered 15th Jan 2015

I make that almost 44.8 amps which would cook a small buffalo. I would be more concerned about good thick wiring! If that's ok, then you could try a 40 amp, but if that keeps blowing maybe a 45amp. But check what is specified on appliance to be belt and braces safe!


Answered 12th Jan 2015

10.3kW = 10300 watts. 10300 divided by supply voltage of 230Volts is 44.78 amps. A 45amp or 50amp MCB on 10mm cable is required.


Answered 13th Jan 2015

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