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Electric assessment / rewire before or after extension?

I've just purchased a small 2 bed Victorian terrace and i'm looking to have a kitchen extension built before we move in. I meet with architects to discuss this week.

Aside from this project i'd like to have the electrical installation of the rest of the house assessed as i suspect some re-wiring might be required. As we'd like to be working on plastering/decorating upstairs rooms and replacing the bathroom whilst the kitchen project is underway i'm wandering if i should go ahead with an electrical installation assessment now (£200 approx) in case any remedial work needs doing ahead of plastering?

A couple of architects have suggested we wait as an installation assessment will form part of any extension work and i'll be paying for the same service twice. Although this means we can't get going on any upstairs work until this part of the extension phase is complete which will slow down our renovation.

Any thoughts?

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Before any electrical alterations or additions can be carried out an electrical survey must be carried out to check to see if you existing wiring system will comply to regulations.
No work should be carried out to the existing installation if it doesn't meet certain requirements.
Age of cables, wiring system, circuit protection type, additional protection type if fitted, protective earthing conductors and main earthing conductors are a few of the items which will need to be checked. I hope this helps.


Answered 12th Jan 2015

The cheapest option is to rewire with the extension how ever 1st fix off upstairs would be possible I'm sure before hand to let you get on


Answered 12th Jan 2015

Ok first things first if you are going to install new circuits from your existing fuse board then those new circuits will be required to comply with current regulations i.e. RCD protection, main bonding and so on... and will require certification and testing. If you are going to extend old circuits for use in the new extension then these circuits will require testing to see if they are in a usable condition along with bringing them up to current regulations i.e. Rcd protection and so on....

If you do not have any current certification for you electrical installation as it stands then i would advise a electrical installation condition report on you installation as it maybe the case that your install is so old and in need of repair from deterioration and other factors that remedial work is required to make it comply with current standards also if you are renovating i would consider rewiring the whole premises for you piece of mind instead of having a major problems a 1 year down the line.


Answered 12th Jan 2015

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