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Electricians self certified work does not seem to comply?

I had a new kitchen extension 3 years ago and the electrics was done by a qualified pro who gave me the required certificate. For various reasons I've been reading up on the "regs" and have been very surprised by some of the latest requirements but the more I read the more I think "My kitchen isn't done like that!".
For example all the cables to the new kitchen run from the consumer unit through the hall in plastic trunking just above the skirting board. There is no RCD in my old consumer unit and those circuits just have standard MCBs like the rest. Some of the old cabling is in plastic trunking on the surface but in those days it was allowed without an RCD.
The lack of RCD seems to be a big issue yet I have the all important paperwork.
Two questions really, does it matter and is it common for electricians to certify work that they know doesn't comply?

Thanks for the reply NYE! Once it gets to the kitchen it is behind plasterboard.
So if it's all in trunking it's OK is it? I thought it had to be buried deep or protected?

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Hi there if the cabling from your consumer unit is as you say in trunking or surface mounted throughout its run and is not chased into a wall at any point then you do not need RCD protection. If it is chased into the wall then this would not be compliant and should have been RCD protected and assuming your kitchen is wired as a ring circuit you would of required a fuse board change to comply with current regulations.

Ok well once it goes behind the plaster board it then does need to be RCD protected it.


Answered 13th Jan 2015

I take it the kitchen in the extension has sockets?

All sockets added now require RCD protection whether cable is surface mounted or not.
Simple really - you should of had RCD protection.


Answered 15th Jan 2015

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