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What is this fishy smell

Hello. I have seen a similar question posted. I hope someone can help me.

Every now and again possible once a week or so I notice a strong fishy smell in my hallway, in the corner of the hall. I have smelled paintwork and flooring but nothing seems to actually smell but the fishy smell lingers in the air.

The building is Victorian terrace flats. I'm a ground floor flat with a basement flat below and two flats above me.

There are no plug sockets or visible wiring near where the smell is strongest
Please help.

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I would get an electrician in as I've came across that before and was the electrics


Answered 17th Jan 2015

Hi there it could possibly be cooking smells from one of the other flats. Next time you smell anything fishy knock on the other flats to see what they are cooking, and take it from there.


Answered 17th Jan 2015

it can be caused by old plastic light fittings, which when they heat up give off a horrible fishy smell....


Answered 26th Jan 2015

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