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Electrical question. please help

A BS 5467 pvc insulated and sheated,steel wire armored cable is to be instaled clipped to a perforated metal cable tray,with a total cable length of 30 m from the distribution board. the distribution board is located at the supply intake position.for most of its length the cables installed touching two other cables in an ambient temperature of 45 o C .If protection is by a BS88 type fuse and the voltage drop must not exceed 5%, What is the minimum size of cable that can be used to comply with both current carring capacity and voltage drop constraints?

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Your posting these exam questions for other people to answer but surely it should be you calculating these questions as you are the one that I guess is training to be an electrician. Your never going to learn if you get other people to do all your homework for you.


Answered 12th Jan 2015

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